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1080p Video Resolution

1080p_resolution.gif1080p is the maximum video resolution available to consumers for most video displays and disc players. The best way to get 1080p video into your system is to use a Blu-ray player as a source connected via an HDMI cable. Most of today's better HDTV sets have a native resolution of 1080p, including LCD HDTVs, plasma HDTVs and most front-projection technologies, such as D-ILA, SXRD and DLP.

1080p has an aspect ratio of 16x9, and has 1,920 pixels in width and 1,080 pixels in height. The "p" stands for progressive, which means every 60th of a second all the pixels are displayed. Most cable and satellite boxes only output 1080i (for "interlaced") but with film-based material there is no resolution difference between 1080i and 1080p. With fast motion video, like sports, native progressive content will generally look a little better.