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accuphase_logo.gifKnown for their robust designs and champagne faceplates, Accuphase, founded in Japan, offers a big, bold, no-compromise approach to audio and home theater similar to McIntosh.

The company has a rich audiophile history including a product museum (like watchmaker Patek Phillipe) that can be seen here.

Some of the most popular Accuphase products include:
• Accuphase M-8000 Amplifier
• Accuphase M-6000 Amp
• Accuphase C-3800 Preamp
• Accuphase C-2818 Preamp
• Accuphase C-27 Preamp
• Accuphase E560 Integrated Amp
• Accuphase DP-800 SACD Transport
• Accuphase DC--801 DAC

Accuphase isn't widely sold in the United States but does have distribution in California to service its enthusiast clients.

Copare Accuphase with brands like: Teac, McIntosh, Krell, Mark Levinson, Nakamichi and Luxman.


17800 South Main Street Ste. 109
Gardena, California

310-329-0187 - tel
310-329-0189 - fax