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Acoustic Research (AR)


Founded in 1952, Acoustic Research pioneered the career of loudspeaker designer Henry Kloss, as well as the patented "acoustic suspension" loudspeaker design. Acoustic Research went on to dominate the loudspeaker market for the next twenty years.

Acoustic Research is known for the landmark AR3a speaker that Baby Boomers still talk about (and own) to this day. They were creatively marketed in New York's Grand Central Station to many post-war Boomers with great success.

Acoustic Research saw another boom when the legendary Mark Levinson showed their entry-level, $250 per pair AR1 bookshelf speakers with his reference level Cello electronics including the $26,000 Audio Palette EQ, their $10,000 Cello Encore preamp and the 350 Watt per channel Cello Suet 350 power amp for an audiophile press event in the early 1990's. To this day many who were in the room still talk about just how good these $250 per pair speakers sounded despite the fact they had $50,000 of electronics upstream.

Today, Acoustic Research is owned by Audiovox and is exclusively a personal electronics brand, offering products like iPod docks and tabletop radios.


Popular Acoustic Research products include:


Compare AR to companies like Belkin, Griffin, and Altec Lansing.

Acoustic Research (AR)

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