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Acoustical Tuning By Bob Hodas (Berkeley)

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Bob Hodas is known as the world's best recording studio tuner and has gained cult fame with audiophiles looking to implement room treatments, EQ systems and subwoofer integration into their systems. Home theater integrators worldwide often work with Bob Hodas to get mathematical help designing the perfect dimensions for a home theater as well as where and which room treatments to use.

The client list of Bob Hodas is more impressive than any traditional home theater integrator or installer. Recording studios include Danny Elfman's studio, Abby Road Studios, Electric Ladyland, Christopher Boyes' studio and Eddie Van Halen's 5150. Hodas spends one week per month in Los Angeles tuning recording studios and home theaters including some of the top in-home 35 mm theaters in Tinseltown.

For those looking to get their sound up to the standard of their HD - call on Bob Hodas as he schedules trips around the country and around the world.


Phone: (510) 649-9254

Fax: (510) 649-1882

Product Lines: Meyer Sound, JM Labs, RPG

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