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Adcom GFA-7605 Seven-Channel Amplifier Reviewed

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GFA-7605.gifAdcom is one of the most historically significant electronics companies in audio history, as they are widely credited with making popular the idea of separating the preamp from the amp. After receiving boatloads of rave reviews, Adcom grew to become a huge player in the audiophile world during the 1980s as the most affordable step up from an audio receiver or integrated amp. While the company lost some of its mojo as it tried to adapt to the home theater market in the early 2000s, Adcom is now back and they have some hot new home theater products that are clearly tied to their impressive linage.

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The Adcom GFA-7605 is a 125-watt x five-channel amplifier, priced at $888 retail. This "great fucking amp" (yes, that is what GFA stands for) is designed to be priced to compete with mid- to upper-level AV receivers when paired with an AV preamp, which Adcom also now manufactures. The GFA-7605 boasts big toroidal transformers and is based around F.A.T. technology, which stands for Fast Analog Technology. When put through listening tests, this provides nice control over the bass and, while not as resolved on the high end as the lower-priced digital switching amps, it has an overall sound that has more heft.

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