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A pioneer of the affordable high-end audio genre, Adcom brought the philosophy of efficient, no-frills, high-current designs to the masses. After starting in phono cartridges, Adcom made its splash in the audio world with its GFA-1 Amplifier (with 'GF' standing for something sweet and wholesome), a 12-inch cube-shaped design that re-defined price-performance expectations in the category. After following up with the GFA-1A, GFA-2, GFP-1 preamplifier, and GFT-1 tuner, Adcom firmly established itself as a high-end audio superpower with the GFA-555, designed by Nelson Pass. Today, Adcom has launched a comeback and is now trying to break back into the affordable high-end audio and home theater market.


Popular Adcom products include:

Adcom GFA-1
Adcom GFA-555 II
Adcom GTP-550

Compare Adcom to companies like B&K, Denon, and Rotel.


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