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Founded by Henry Kloss in 1967, Advent, although making quite a few well-regarded loudspeakers, actually made more of a historical impact with its cassette decks and projection televisions. On the heels of Kloss' contribution to Dolby noise reduction, Advent introduced the 200/201 cassette deck, and in 1972 introduced the world's first large screen front projection television, the Advent Videobeam 1000. Advent followed this up with the Videobeam 750 in 1978. Today, the brand is owned by Audiovox and focuses on the new car automobile accessory market.


Popular Advent products include:

Advent "The Advent Loudspeaker"
Advent 201
Advent Videobeam 1000

Compare Advent to products by Pioneer and Philips.


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Hauppauge, NY 11788

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