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Aiwa_brand_page_logo.gifFounded in 1951, Aiwa made its mark in cassette decks in 1964 and gradually helped cultivate the large mini-system and personal stereo market of the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Aiwa also had a large presence in the markets for headphones and DAT (Digital Audio Tape).  Sony acquired the company in the early-2000s, but the brand slid downhill and today no longer exists, despite the website still being "active".

Aiwa_brand_page_NSX-SZ700_stereo_system.gifNotable Aiwa products included:

Aiwa TP-707
Aiwa TP-S30
Aiwa NSX minisystems

Compare Aiwa to brands such as Sony and JVC.

Aiwa is now defunct.