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Anthem LTX 500 LCOS Projector Reviewed

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5 Stars

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Low Points
As wonderful as the LTX 500 is, there were a few minor areas that I took issue with. For starters, the LTX 500 takes a fair amount of time to warm up or even begin to produce an image and the initial signal lock is a bit sluggish. Once warmed up and locked on the LTX 500 is rock solid, however the first few times I powered it up I wasn't sure if I actually did and ended up turning it off by accident only to start the whole process over again. Ugh.

The LTX 500 is rather silent in terms of fan noise compared to my Sony SXRD projector; however it is still a bit noisy in comparison to other, more current HD projectors out there today. Also, I'd like to point out that the LTX 500 does run warm so proper ventilation and installation is a must. If you're hanging it from a ceiling be sure there is enough room around the projector to facilitate proper airflow, mount it to close to the ceiling or a wall and you'll find it can and will overheat. Those of you wanting to install it in a hush box better make doubly sure you can force enough cool air into the enclosure to avoid damaging the projector.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet: the LTX 500 is a phenomenal projector capable of running circles around the competition. With a retail price just shy of $7,500 the LTX 500 isn't the most affordable projector out there, however it is one of the best and must be viewed and considered competition for projectors retailing for as much as $25,000. If the LTX 500's price tag is just out of reach there is always the LTX 300, which gives up little to its big brother in terms of performance yet shaves a cool $2,000 off the asking price. I adore the LTX 500 and will not allow it to leave my home for I cannot fathom viewing anything, television or film, without it.

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