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Anthem PVA-8 Multi-Channel Amplifier Reviewed

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4.5 Stars
4.5 Stars

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When considering the choice of purchasing a high quality multi-channel amplifier, it's always good to go with a brand name that personifies superior audio manufacturing quality. And one of the most prestigious audio companies in this highly esteemed category has to be Anthem. Not only does Anthem's design team pay attention to every detail when building an audio component's inner circuitry, this company also creates multi-channel amplifiers that deliver pure unadulterated power to every audio system they are hooked up with. The $2,299 PVA-8 eight-channel amplifier has applications for new-school home theater systems and home automation systems alike. With 9.2 surround sound becoming "the next thing," who has enough channels of solid power these days?

The Anthem PVA-8 has a total weight of over forty-seven pounds, stands almost six inches in height and has a width of over seventeen inches. This amplifier pushes out 125 watts of power throughout all eight of its channels and contains eight pairs of binding posts with one relay trigger, insuring that the PVA-8 will be able to handle most moderate speaker systems with real-world power that you simply cannot get even from today's high-end AV receivers.
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During my time with the Anthem PVA-8, I was surprised at this power amp's ability to propel clean and concise audio throughout the audio spectrum without even a hiccup, across a variety of pretty demanding speakers ranging from in-walls to bookshelf models to modest floor standing speakers from Anthem's big brother, Paradigm. Songs that featured acoustic guitar sounded crisp and clean, while electronic keyboard progressions really came alive with a good degree of vibrancy that other multi-channel amplifiers I've auditioned haven't come close to achieving. In-walls brimmed with dynamics in ways other multi-zone amps normally don't provide.

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