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Anthem Statement P5 Multi-Channel Amplifier Reviewed

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4.5 Stars
4.5 Stars
4.5 Stars

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When it comes to naming cost no object amplifiers few brands come to mind, Krell, Mark Levinson, McIntosh, Audio Research, Classe and that might be the list. But you've missed one. Anthem. While usually grouped among the value-for-money set, Anthem, specifically their Statement line of products such as the Statement P5 multi-channel amplifier reviewed here are out to challenge the status quo and even change the way consumers think of cost no object products. The truth of the matter is, cost is always an object for even super premium products are designed to a budget, however the Anthem Statement P5 seems like it was designed without one yet costs a budget friendly $4,999 retail. How good is the Statement P5 you ask? Well I've just about owned 'em all, Krell, Mark Levinson, McIntosh and beyond and I can tell you the Statement P5 can not only hang, it can in some cases embarrass some of the before mentioned competition.

Multi-channel amplifiers have never really been a design tour de force if you know what I mean and the Statement P5 is no exception though Anthem has included enough subtle design details to keep the P5 from being just another black box. The P5 churns out 325-Watts across all five of its channels into eight Ohms and 500-Watts per channel into four. It offers both balanced and unbalanced connection options and features not one, but two, detachable power cord receptacles. That's right the Statement P5 utilizes two 15-amp circuits to do its thang.
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The P5 is built like a brick shit-house and is as reliable as a wood-burning stove. Integration and day-to-day livability doesn't get any easier for the P5 sounds good in almost every system configuration I could cook up and in some cases elevated the sonic quality of a few lower priced systems I assembled. The P5's sound is robust but never tubby or overly saturated. The treble response is natural, smooth and airy while the bass has control to spare and knows just when to sick the dogs on you and give you a bit of a thrill. While this may sound great for movies, I assure you at the heart of the P5 beats a musical heart, which is why it pulls double duty in my home theater as both a multi-channel home theater amp and stereo amp.

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