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Aperion Audio Bravus II 10D Subwoofer Reviewed

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Aperion_Audio_Bravus_II_10D_subwoofer_review.gifAperion Audio is more known for their fabulous and affordable loudspeaker lines however those looking to complete either their Intimus or Verus home theaters will be needing a subwoofer or two and as luck would have it, Aperion makes some pretty damn good subs as well. The Bravus II 10D subwoofer is one such example and at $799 direct it's also affordable.

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The Bravus II 10D is a triple aluminum driver design featuring one, 10-inch downward firing driver mated to two, 10-inch passive radiators. That coupled with the Bravus II 10D's internal 400 Watt BASH amplifier give it a reported frequency response of 27Hz -180Hz at -3dB and 25Hz to 200Hz at -6dB. To make things even tastier the Bravus II 10D features a fully customizable parametric EQ with crossover bypass modes, making it easy to integrate into a wide variety of systems, not to mention rooms. The Bravus II 10D also has a remote control from which you can control not only its EQ settings but also volume.

In terms of design the Bravus II 10D is a looker as far as subwoofer goes, available in either a high gloss black or cherry wood veneer finish. The Bravus II 10D's connection options include high level speaker inputs as well as both stereo and LFE line level inputs. A detachable power cord and user selectable voltage switch is also standard on the Bravus II 10D.

In terms of sound the Bravus II 10D is phenomenal at and even a few steps above its asking price. Able to fill medium to large rooms with relative ease, the Bravus II 10D is equally suited to both music and movies. In my listening tests I was unable to get the Bravus II 10D to misbehave or go all tubby on me, for track after track, film after film, the Bravus II 10D churned out a beautifully textured and rich low end that was plenty deep yet extremely agile. The Bravus II 10D was even able to keep up with my reference Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers, which is high praise. The included remote made-on-the-fly adjustments easy and the Bravus II 10D's various EQ settings were a nice touch.

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