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Apple Announces iPad 2

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Apple announced the iPad 2 today during a special press event.

The iPad 2 is, as the name would imply, the updated version of Apple's smash hit iPad, which has seen implementation at all levels of home theater, from the entry level to the extreme high end. It is a powerful tool, replacing far more expensive control systems with an intuitive and attractive interface.

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So what does this new version offer over the old?

First of all, it is thinner, lighter, and faster. The iPad 2 is a third thinner than its predecessor and 15 percent lighter. The new A5 chip is a much more powerful processor, containing two cores. This means faster graphics which leads to a better looking display and overall better, more efficient performance, while still maintaining the famous 10 hours of battery life.

The new iPad also features two cameras, front and rear facing. Now users can use Face Time, Apple's video calling program, as well as record and edit HD video. It can also take pictures and edit them using Apple's Photo Booth program.

The iPad 2 is also offered in white as well as black.


There is even a new accessory for the iPad 2: the iPad Smart Cover. This flexible cover attaches to the iPad magnetically. Not only does this cover protect the screen, it also cleans it, puts it to sleep when covered, and wakes the screen up when uncovered. The Smart Cover can also fold into a stand for the iPad 2.

It would seem that the iPad 2 is a much more impressive advancement than had been anticipated. It will be exciting to see how this new version is integrated into the home theater world.

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