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Aragon is the sister brand to Acurus and was notable for offering truly high end power amps and electronics as below the ultra-high-end prices. Their Stereophile Magazine review of the Aragon 4004 stereo amp was one of the most powerful ever written and literally put the brand on the map. Audiophiles in the late 1980's were matching Audio research tube preamps with Aragon's beefy Dan D'agostino (of Krell fame) designed amps to get "the best of both worlds" in their audio rigs.

Aragon later developed multichannel amps but failed to be relevant in the very difficult AV preamp market. Klipsch later bought the brand and discontinued it in 2005. In 2009 Klipsch sold the brand to two former employees who are intent on relaunching the once mighty specialty audio brand.


Aragon is now part of Indy Audio Labs.

HomeTheaterReview.com has an article detailing the sale of Aragon to Indy Audio Labs.

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