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ARS Aures Audio


ARS Aures Audio was founded in 1997 and produces high-end loudspeaker products combining high performance with European design flair, all designed and manufactured in Italy. Similar to Sonus faber in appearance, Aures Audio products incorporate a variety of materials and incorporate integrated stands in many offerings.

The company's motto is "To handcraft high end loudspeakers with the best available quality and sound, both in expensive and in affordable models."


Notable ARS Aures Audio products include:

ARS Aures Audio Sensorial
ARS Aures Audio Musical Notes Do, Mi, Fa and Sol (not kidding)
ARS Aures Audio F1

Similar to ARS Aures Audio are companies like Sonus faber, MBL, Vienna Acoustics, Bang & Olufsen, and DALI.

In the US, ARS Aures Audio is imported by Landes Imports, Inc.

Email: arsaures@arsaures.it

ARS Aures Audio

Strada Statale 115 Km 68
Castelvetrano, 91022