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Astell-Kern-AK100-brand-page.jpgiriver was founded in 1999 and quickly became one of the foremost manufacturers of portable media devices in the world. As one of the original innovators of this category, as well as being known for its superior sound quality in compact A/V products, iriver is positioned for tremendous growth in the United States. In recent years, iriver has continued to expand its product lines from multimedia devices (MP3 players, Personal Media Players) to network and content devices.

iriver launched the high-end audio brand, "Astell&Kern" in 2012. The first product is the AK100 MQS (Mastering Quality Sound) portable audio player, one of the very first truly portable units capable of producing high-resolution audio, just as it was mastered from a recording studio. Astell&Kern's mission is to provide the best quality sound available in the portable audio category.

Notable products: The Astell & KernAK100 player

Comparable companies: HiFiMan