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Atlantic Technology FS-5000 On-Wall Speaker Reviewed

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HTR Product Rating

4.5 Stars
4.5 Stars
4.5 Stars

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High Points
• The Atlantic FS-5000 isn't as sleek as some soundbars or all-in-one on-wall speakers; however its build quality is second to none and the attention to detail is phenomenal. 

• The sound and sound levels the FS-5000 are capable of reproducing puts it into a class all its own as far as I'm concerned. It is dynamic and punchy yet detailed, with a level of refinement I wasn't expecting given its makeup.
• While the FS-5000 has no internal surround sound processing of any kind, the soundstage, both in depth and width, that it's able to recreate is astonishing. But keep in mind, for true surround sound performance you'll have to add a pair of surround speakers to the FS-5000.
• In smaller to medium-sized rooms you may be able to get away with not using a subwoofer with the FS-5000 for its bass prowess is impressive. However I argue you're not going to want to install the FS-5000 in a small room, for it may be to much of a good thing.

Low Points
• As good as the FS-5000 is you're going to need to purchase a home theater receiver or amplifier to power it along with a pair (or two) of surround sound speakers and a subwoofer for a true home theater experience. This is not a deal breaker by any means but one issue that will definitely drive the total cost up a notch.
• The FS-5000 is big, bigger than any soundbar or all in one on-wall I've ever seen, which may or may not suit most decors. If you have a smaller HDTV you may want to look elsewhere in Atlantic Technology's line of on-wall products, for the FS-5000 is designed for the biggest and the baddest HDTVs available today.

The FS-5000 represents a monumental achievement for soundbars and on-wall speakers alike. For just under $1,500 retail you essentially get three discrete home theater monitor speakers in a single, well constructed chassis complete with EQ controls. While you have to treat the FS-5000 more or less like separate left, center, and right speakers in terms of connections and power, the FS-5000 packs all the punch of larger, separate loudspeakers in a single space saving design. Highly recommended.

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