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AT&T U-Verse Drops ESPN 3D

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att_logo.gifAccording to Multichannel News, AT&T is dropping ESPN 3D from the company's cable service, U-Verse. The agreement between the carrier and the channel ended on July 31, 2011 and AT&T opted not to renew the agreement. The reason being that AT&T felt the price of carrying ESPN 3D was not reasonable.

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"We're always listening to customers and working to make sure we're delivering the channels they want, while keeping costs down," AT&T said in a statement. "The price tag for ESPN 3D was too high, especially considering the low demand we've seen from customers. We've decided not to renew our agreement for ESPN 3D."

AT&T was charging an additional $10 per month for the U-Verse 3D Technology package, which only consisted of ESPN 3D and a few 3D movies on-demand.

In place of ESPN 3D, AT&T has added Starz's 3D VOD package, which offers four movies to subscribers of the premium network at no extra cost.
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