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Audio Alchemy


Audio Alchemy, now defunct, rose like a shot in the late 1980s as a pioneer of the digital separates category. The company's Digital Decoding Engine v1.1 D/A Converter started this enormous wave, and the company built on its success with the industry's first jitter reduction device, the Digital Transmission Interface, less expensive DAC products like the Dac-in-the-Box and Dac-Man, and then capped off with the revolutionary Visual Reality Engine v1.0, a virtual DAC for televisions incorporating an advanced comb filter circuit.

Audiosphere bought the company in the mid-1990s and it folded shortly thereafter. Many of the engineers went on to form Channel Islands Audio and Perpetual Technologies.


Today, the Audio Alchemy name lives on (though there's no relation), as an audio format converter for Windows based PCs.

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