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Audio-Lineaire-brand-page-logo.jpgIn 2001, after 25 years of passion for acoustics R&D, Audio-Lineaire, a French manufacturer of high quality acoustic speakers was created, developing the first range Prestige, inspired by a philosophy of tradition, innovation, and excellency.

The speakers have been designed to eliminate stationary waves by sending them back to one another in phase opposition.  Without any wave coming back, the sound is very fine.

This process allows the sound of the speakers to be balanced and present an impressive realism that the company believes stays true to the impact and timbre of the instruments.

Audio-Lineaire-Harmonie-16-tower-speaker-v2.jpgAlso among Audio-Lineaire's designs are the Harmonie 13 and 16 column speakers, designed to present a wide dynamic range.

Another benefit of Audio-Lineaire's products is that the speakers' finish and facades can be personalized however you want, making it easy to match the speakers to your decor.

Audio-Lineaire likes to think of themselves as "The Haute Couture Audio" company, combining technological innovation and elegant design.

Audio-Lineaire is part of the DMS Company Group.

DMS or Digital Media Solutions is specialized in the conception, manufacturing, and commercialization of 2D and 3D audio solutions for the Cinema, Hi-Fi, Home Cinema, Television, and Music industries.


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