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Audio Pro LV2 Wireless Full Active Digital Speakers Reviewed

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4.5 Stars

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Audio_Pro_LV2_bookshelf_speaker_review_white.jpgAudio Pro based in Scandinavia is a new name in high-end audio, at least in the United States. Audio Pro's recently introduced line-up of wireless loudspeakers are currently available through high-end specialty retailers and custom installers. The LV2 speakers featured here are part of their LV Series, which also includes the single speaker LV1, floorstanding LV3 and LVSUB subwoofer. All of the speakers in this line are wireless and all of them are wrapped in beautiful leather (black or white). The retail price of the LV2 is $1,000 per pair, which might sound steep for desktop/bookshelf speakers, but in this case you truly get what you pay for, from finish to performance. Each LV2 speaker features two 25-Watt Class D amplifiers in a bi-amp system, a one-inch soft dome tweeter and four and a half inch woofer. They feature full CD sound quality and have a range of up to 100 meters in the same room.

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I can't say enough about the finish on the LV2s, as my review samples came in supple black leather with white stitching. The grilles are also nicely built and feature a small tab to assist you with removing them, which I did during listening. Connecting them to my Mac Mini was as simple as connecting the supplied USB dongle, then plugging each speaker into the wall. After the manufacturer recommended 12 hour break-in time, I set about putting them through their paces. The sound quality was simply stunning. Bass response from a speaker of this size was truly remarkable. I listened to some old school reggae as well as some more recent rock music and came away thoroughly impressed. I was also taken aback by their ability to play loud, despite their diminutive size. My listening room is just under 400 square feet and the LV2s were more than capable of filling the room; something I haven't found with most desktop/bookshelf/bookshelf speakers.

High Points
• These speakers have absolutely stunning sound quality, especially considering the fact that they're wireless.
• Setup is completely hassle-free - just connect the wireless USB dongle, connect each speaker to a power source and you're in business.
• The leather finish is beautifully done and should work well with just about any décor. Modern, traditional - it doesn't matter as they look great.
• The LV Series is highly flexible in terms of adding additional speakers, giving you the option of a whole-house wireless system. They've also designed the included remote to accommodate such a system.

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