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Read reviews, commentary and insight on everything from bookshelf speakers to floorstanding speakers to soundbars, to stereo amps, to mono amp to Compact Disc Players to SACD players to DVD-Audio players to media server to AppleTVs to media servers to Digital to Analog Converters to CD transports to integrated amps to multi- channel amplifiers to on-wall speakers to Subwoofer reviews to headphone reviews to in-wall speaker reviews to on-wall speaker reviews to stereo preamp reviews and more. If you are an audiophile, music lover, an audio enthusiast or a consumer electronics freak - this content will be what you are looking for.

Analog-Vinyl Reviews (39)

Bookshelf Speaker Reviews (231)

Bookshelf speakers, mini-monitors and other small loudspeakers are reviewed here.

Digital to Analog Converter Reviews (46)

Floorstanding Speaker Reviews (220)

The best in larger, audiophile-grade speakers are reviewed on this HTR category page.

Headphone Reviews (95)

Need better than Beats sound for your iPod or an audiophile set of “cans” then you’ve found the right resource.

In-wall and On-wall Speaker Reviews (60)

Not all in-wall and on-wall speakers are created equal and we have a list of the best reviewed here.

Media Server & MP3 Player Reviews (83)

From AppleTV to K-Scape today's modern audio system has some form of media server at its core. The top servers are reviewed here.

Multi-Channel Amplifier Reviews (55)

3-Channel, 5-Channel and 7-Channel amps - just no stereo or mono amps are all reviewed here from the top brands.

Sound Bar Reviews (72)

Nobody has more of the best soundbars reviewed than Home Theater Review. Check out this list of reviews.

Source Component Reviews (148)

CD players, Turntables, DACs and much more from some of the most fantastic audiophile brands in AV history are reviewed on this page.

Stereo Amplifier Reviews (193)

Mono, Stereo, Class-A, Class AB and Digital Switching amps are reviewed from the top makers in the audiophile business.

Two-Channel Electronics Reviews (86)

Tubes, solid state, phono preamps and anything with a volume control is reviewed on this vast resource page.

Subwoofer Reviews (99)

Wanna go low? We've got a full complement of subwoofer reviews from top brands, ranging from compact lifestyle models to full-blown reference subs.