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AudioQuest was founded in 1980 by Bill Low, AudioQuest helped to pioneer the concept of high-end cable products in the US and throughout the world.

Their "Dragon" cable set a new bar for ultra-high-end audiophile cables in the late 1980's.
AudioQuest also pioneered many audiophile recording techniques with their in-house record label run today by Joe Harley (of JVC Music fame).

AudioQuest currently enjoys mainstream distribution via Magnolia stores that are increasingly found in Best Buy locations around the country.


Other notable products include the AudioQuest Diamond HDMI cable, the AudioQuest G2 speaker cable, and the AudioQuest Flat Rock K2 interconnects.

AudioQuest also sells cables under the CinemaQuest brand name. Similar companies include Ultralink, Monster Cable, and Kimber Kable.

Read about AudioQuest's manufacturing agreement with Memorex.

Email: info@audioquest.com


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