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Aural Symphonics


Aural Symphonics offers a complete line of audio, video, and digital cable products that are designed and manufactured in the USA. Aural Symphonics' goal is to create products that "excel, enhance, communicate and recover hidden performance in products connected together with wire cable or optical fiber."

Notable Aural Symphonics products include the fire hose-sized Cappuccino power cable, the Aural Symphonics Chrono b2 interconnect, and the Aural Symphonics Digital Standard interconnects.


Aural Symphonics cables have been reviewed highly by national and international magazines and websites.

Similar companies include Monster Cable, Kimber Kable, and Ultralink.

Email: auralsymphonics@cox.net

Aural Symphonics

13409 W. Solano Drive
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340-7361

(602) 550-3401 - tel