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Auton Motorized Systems Give TV Lift Guidance

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auton-brand-page-logo.gifAs big screen, flat panel televisions continue to drop in price, rise in resolution, and offer new capabilities such as 3D, they're spreading to virtually every room of the house--not just for TV and video, but also for video gaming, computer screens, Internet surfing, and more.

But there's a problem: whether a big screen TV is plasma, LCD, or LED, when not in use the screen can disturb a room's decor. Given this, AV integrators are being asked by clients to remove the visual clutter of unused big screen TVs.

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According to Auton Motorized systems, here's what you need to know to effectively hide big screen TVs.

Behind a painting or mirror
A panel lift raises a painting or mirror out of the way to expose the hidden TV for viewing, and lowers the painting or mirror back again when the TV is off. TV lifts can also move paintings or mirrors horizontally, depending on wall space.

Some TV lifts completely conceal a plasma or LCD TV within a slim, wall-mounted, wooden frame, which eliminates the need for a permanent hole in the wall.

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