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Bag End Loudspeakers


Bag End is an Illinois-based manufacturer of both consumer and professional loudspeakers. The company gets its name from the home of Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

On the professional side Bag End makes sound reinforcement speakers for Nightclubs, DJs, concert halls and auditoriums. On the consumer side there's home theater and stereo speakers and subwoofers. In between there are small monitors for studio use and bass traps for acoustical room tuning.


Notable products include the Bag End E-Trap, the Bag End Crystal-R, and the Bag End M-6.

Similar companies include Genelec, JBL, Mackie, and Peavy.

Email: testify@bagend.com

Bag End Loudspeakers

22N272 Pepper Road
Lake Barrington, IL 60010

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