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BAlabo (Bridge Audio Laboratory)


BAlabo (Bridge Audio Laboratory) is pronounced Bee-A-LABO. BAlabo is an audiophile company based around the designs of Fumio Ohashi. The BAlabo BP-1 MK-II power amp and BAlabo BC-1 MK-II control preamp make up much of the current audiophile lineup for the brand which is imported to the United States by Jay Bertrand.

All BAlabo products feature a unique industrial design and are fantastically overbuilt.


The BAlabo BC-1 MK-II preamp has a claimed 0.004% THD, a signal to noise ratio of 110 dB, and a claimed frequency response of 5 Hz to 100 kHz. The BP-1 MK-II amplifier is rated at 500 watts per channel, has the same frequency response and S/N as the preamp. Other notable products include the BAlabo BD-1 DAC.

Similar companies include Wadia, Bel Canto, Conrad Johnson, and Mark Levinson.

Email: nadel@balabo.com

BAlabo (Bridge Audio Laboratory)

269 Mt. Hermon Road, Suite 107
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

(831) 440-2416 - tel