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Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) is a high-end manufacturer of amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono stages, and CD players utilizing balanced circuit topologies and both solid state and tube technologies. Founded by Steve Bednarski and Victor Khomenko in 1995, Balanced claims their name doesn't just refer to the balanced nature of the circuits they use, but also in their commitment to "overall excellence."

Notable products include the Balanced Audio VK-52SE preamp that has a claimed frequency response of 2 Hz to 200 kHz with a signal to noise ratio of 110 dB. The there's the VK-600M monoblock, with 400 watts and a claimed frequency response of 3Hz to 200 kHz. On the tube side, the REX Power amp is 80 watts per channel (160 bridged).


Similar companies include Boulder, Conrad Johnson, Audio Research, and Krell.

Email: info@balanced.com

Balanced Audio

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