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Barco is a global leader in professional visual display products across numerous industries such as medical, defense, education, and transportation. Barco has been in business for over 75 years, and is based in Belgium.

For Home Theater Review readers, Barco is best known as a manufacturer of digital cinema projectors. The Barco DP4K-32B for example, features three 1.38" DLP chips and a resolution of 4,096 2,160 (also called 4k). The DP2K-32B is 3D capable and is designed to work on screens up to 105...feet. That's right, 33,000 lumens. Enough to roast marshmallows if you were to try to put it in your house. The DP2K-32B generates 30,000 BTUs per hour with it's 6.5 kilowatt lamp. Do not look directly at the light. Do not use without adequate ventilation...


For many years custom installer darling Runco tweaked and re-badged Barco projectors.

Similar companies include Christie, Sony, IMAX, and NEC.


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