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Basis Audio


Basis Audio is a New Hampshire based maker of audiophile turntables including the Debut. Basis Audio has been making turntables for over 25 years. All Basis Audio products are hand-made.

Notable products include the Basis Audio Work of Art turntable, which is $150,000 not including the tonearm or cartridge. It weighs 400 pounds, and has a high-flow, limited vacuum design that holds the record to the platter. There's also the Basis Audio 2001 Signature turntable, the Vector Model 4 tonearm, and the Basis Audio Synchro-Wave Power Supply.

Basis Audio is also the North American importer of My Sonic Labs cartridges.


Similar companies include Clearaudio, Continuum, Linn, Simon Yorke, and SME.

Email: basis_audio@basisaudio.com

Basis Audio

26 Clinton Drive #116
Hollis, NH 03049

(603) 889-4776 - tel