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BDI is a Virginia-based BDI manufacturer of home theater furniture of all kinds. Most of their designs are built to house AV electronics like a receiver, a Blu-ray player and a DVR while displaying today's most popular HDTVs at the correct viewing height.

Founded in 1984 by Bill Becker, with the idea that great design could be accessible to everyone. In addition to Becker, BDI features designs from Al Glass, Jason Guidry, Louis Lara, Mark Palmquist, Karim Rashid, Matthew Weatherly, and Christian Wicha.


Outside of the home theater space, BDI also makes stylish office furniture like desks and storage cabinets, and home furnishings like tables and shelving.

Notable designs include the BDI Cirrus, the BDI Avion, the BDI Icon, and the BDI Marina.

Similar companies include Salamander Designs, Sanus, and OmniMount.

Email: info@bdiusa.com


14954 Bogle Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151

(703) 803-6900 - tel
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