Home Theater Review


Best Ways To "Show Off" Your Home Theater

showoff.jpgAll those hours spent running wiring and calibrating and arranging and keeping your wife and kids locked out has finally paid off: your home theater is finished. Now what? It's not as though you want to just slide right back into your television and movie watching routine, is it? No, you've got to make that new system sing. Put it through its paces, really see what it can do.

To that end, here is a list of content that will put the screws to your home theater system one way or another (and likely wake the neighbors in the process). This is the kind of stuff to put on when a friend or relative comes over and you really want to knock their socks off with your new toys. The titles here have been cosen for maximum visual and aural impact, so don't be surprised that Bridget Jones Diary is not on the list. Crank everything up to eleven and enjoy-