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Bohlender Graebener was founded in 1994 and is based in Nevada. Now called BG Radia, they produce leading planar ribbon loudspeaker technology and solutions for audio, video, and custom installation markets.

On the in-wall side of things there's the LA-800, LA-600 and LA-550 line array in-wall speakers. For the more traditional, the FS-520 is a 70-inch tall speaker with a 50" planar ribbon driver and a 250-watt dual-driver powered woofer. Frequency response is a claimed 70 Hz to 20 kHz.

There's also several lines of outdoor and in-ceiling speakers.


Perhaps most notable is the award-winning BGX-S12B in-wall subwoofer. The driver portion is called the BGX-4850, a THX Balanced Bass Line Module. Designed with THX, the BGX-S12B is a vibrationless design that uses 48 drivers in an array that fits in between the studs in a standard 16" on center build. It is powered by the BGA-2104, an external, 2000-watt amplifier.

Similar companies include Magnepan, MartinLogan, and Wisdom Audio.

Email: info@bgradia.com

BG Radia

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