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Bose SoundDock II Reviewed

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HTR Product Rating

2 Stars
2 Stars
2 Stars

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High Points
• The SoundDock II offers good build quality with minimalist cosmetics.
• The SoundDock II sounds good right out of the box, making it perfect for most users.
• The SoundDock will accommodate most past and current iPod and iPhone models, a not-insignificant ability, given the plethora of such models out there.
• Buying a Bose product gets you a wide dealer network, with strong sales and technical support options.

Low Points
• The SoundDock II offers a pleasing but relatively inaccurate sonic portrayal, with limited dynamics, exaggerated bass and a compact soundstage.
• The SoundDock II does not provide bass or treble controls, making sonic fine-tuning impossible.
• The power adapter has a bulky transformer in the middle, which may hinder its mobility.
• The SoundDock II's power connector does not fit particularly tight, which could frustrate the user if the unit is moved around often.
• The actual dock's connection to the main unit is a bit flimsy.
• The SoundDock II only comes in black.
• Many competitive products exist that offer better sound quality for less money, albeit sometimes in bigger, less ergonomic packages.

Competition and Comparison
You can compare the Bose SoundDock II against its competition by reading our reviews for Denon's ASD-51W iPod dock and the Universal Remote Control PSX2/PSXLink iPod dock.  You can also learn more by reading our article JVC's New iPod Dock Features Dolby Virtual Surround Sound or visiting our Bose brand page.

The Bose SoundDock II offers a solid combination of build quality, convenience, compatibility and sound quality, although not in proportions that are for everyone. Its sonic shortcomings may not bother most, especially in light of its easy operation, small footprint, elegant cosmetics and superb compatibility with the portable world's most important product line, Apple. However, for those needing a bit more performance, other products exist which might better fit the bill.

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