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Boston Acoustics VS 336 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Reviewed

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BostonAcoustics-VS336-Reviewed.gifBoston Acoustics has been a staple in the audiophile community for years, although until recently they seemed to have faded from the prominence they once had. Well, that was then, and this is now for Boston Acoustics has come back strong as of late with new and exciting products geared towards budget conscious consumers and audiophiles alike, from small lifestyle loudspeakers to their new flagship VS 336 reviewed here.

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Now usually when you hear the term flagship you think expensive. Well, that's not the case with the VS 336, for its retail price of $1,699.99 each is less than what you'd pay in taxes on some other brands' flagship offerings. The VS 336 is a three way speaker that features a unique looking cabinet that appears to be made out of warped or wavy pieces of furniture grade MDF. I'm not saying the VS 336 is poorly built or even ugly, quite the opposite, I've just never seen a loudspeaker that looked as unique as this does. The VS 336 comes in a black lacquer piano finish and can be capped in your choice of either gloss black or cherry wood. The VS 336 measures in at 46 inches tall by nearly 10 inches wide by 12 inches deep and weighs a respectable 66 pounds.

Inside, the VS 336 features a total of five drivers: one SWB (super wide bandwidth) tweeter, one four and a half inch midrange driver and three six and a half inch bass drivers. The VS 336 has a reported frequency response of 35Hz to 30kHz and has an okay sensitivity rating of 87dB into a benign eight Ohm load, making it ideal for receiver-based home theaters or integrated amplifier-based two channel systems. The VS 336 is Bi-amp or Bi-wire capable thanks to the gold plated binding posts located around back.

From a sound perspective the VS 336 is a lot of fun. Theses speakers are dynamic and punchy with a good amount of detail and nuance, though they lack a bit of the finesse and delicacy you're going to find in costlier speakers. The VS 336 can be a bit heavy down low thanks to their triple woofer design; however when given the proper power, the bass is controlled, taut and detailed and will extend low enough that you could probably get away with not adding a subwoofer if your room is on the smaller side. They can rock and roll with the best of them in their class and can play quite loud though the VS 336 can become just a touch aggressive and compress at really high volumes. For what they are I think they're quite impressive. Would I compare them to speakers costing twice or three times as much? No, but compared to speakers in their class they're no dunces.

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