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Bryston 9B SST Five-Channel Amplifier Reviewed

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4 Stars

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bryston_9b_sst.gifBryston is one of the most famous names in professional audio amplifiers. Known for stunning reliability and incredible build quality, the amps come with an unheard-of 20-year warranty. The Canadian-designed and built Bryston 9B SST is a five-channel power amplifier that can produce 140 watts per channel into eight ohms and 200 watts per channel into four-ohm speaker loads. The amp comes with a faceplate in either silver or black, as well as options for standalone installation or a 19-inch rack-friendly faceplate. The Bryston 9B SST is priced at $6,495, which puts it toward the top of the food chain of consumer multi-channel amps, most of which come with seven, not five, channels.

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High Points
• The Bryston 9B SST five-channel amp delivers big, conservatively measured power for audiophile surround sound systems that can power even the toughest loads with ease. Mangenpans, Revels, Bowers and Wilkins, MartinLogans and Vandersteens are no challenge for this Bryston five-channel amp.
• Bryston's 20-year warranty is nothing short of a modern marvel. I know many studios that swear by Bryson amps, not just because of their vast power reserves, but because that they never fail, even when used professionally all day, every day.

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