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Buttkicker is a tactile transducer made by the Guitammer Company and it does win the best product name award. People use complicated descriptors to describe what this type of product does (it shakes your seat or floor etc) and Buttkicker best describes the entire product category.

The Guitammer company was founded in 1990 by Ken McCaw, a musician, composer, and producer. At first the company sold the Hammer Jammer guitar accessory patented by McCaw. Buttkickers were developed so that McCaw and his drummer could feel the bass without having to turn up the volume. The prototype Buttkicker appeared in 1994.


There are different models, for Home Theater (LFE), Gaming (Gamer2), Pro Audio (Concert), Car Audio (Silent Subwoofer), and Theaters. The basic kit includes the low frequency transducer, amp, wiring, and mounting hardware.

Clark Synthesis manufactures a similar product.


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