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Cabasse, founded in 1950 by Georges Cabasse, draws its design inspiration from a line of Cabasse violin, viola, and cello makers dating back to 1740. The company owns the Cabasse Acoustic Center design facility in western France from which most of the speaker designs emanate.

While not widely distributed in the United States, Cabasse's audiophile speakers have a very unique look to them with a "eye" for a tweeter as some suggest. Visually, there may be no more unique looking speaker on the marketplace today.

Baltic, Riva, Gallia... all Cabasse's products come to life facing the Atlantic ocean, at the tip of Brittany in western France, a land of sailors, research scientists and musicians attuned to different worlds and universes. The company has been a pioneer in the electronics sector in Brest. In 2003, it built the new Cabasse Acoustic Center at the top of a unique network of enterprises, prestigious engineering schools and universities which are specialists in state-of-the-art technologies in telecommunications, underwater acoustics and electronics.


The center is also a site for industrialization and specialized production in coaxial loudspeakers technologies. As a member of the Canon Group, Cabasse is deeply involved in its environment friendly policy and has been ISO 14001:2004 certified in September 2008. Whether music lovers or musicians, cinema buffs, sailors or landlubbers who love the open spaces, all the men and women on the Cabasse team share the taste for genuine perfection, nature's force and resources, the emotions of "live" sound.

Notable products include:
Artis La Sphere Speaker
Oceo Alcyoe Speaker System
Oceo Eole 2 Speaker System
Oceo PHI Speaker System

Cabasse's website can be found at: www.cabasse.com.