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Cain and Cain Company

Cain and Cain is a Wala Wala, Washington based speaker made by Lovecraft Designs, a company that makes very unique speaker systems that utilize a one-driver technology. Their cabinetry is very well done. Best known for the Abby "Normal" and Abby "Nearfield" drivers.


The Cain and Cain Company can be found online through Lovecraft Design's website: www.lovecraftdesigns.com.

Notable Products: The Abby, The Super Abby, The Noogi, The Single-Horn Ben, The Ben ES The Bailey

Cain and Cain Company

941 North 8th Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362

(509) 522-2242 - tel
(509) 522-0461 - fax