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California Audio Labs


In the 1980's, California Audio Labs was one of the first companies to make audiophile grade CD players and CD transports that dealt with issues of jitter and vibration. They were made of dense materials and built to beyond-military specifications and sold for thousands of dollars more than two decades ago. They later branched out into home theater with DVD Players, DAC's and multi-channel amps and processors. In 2001 their parent company Sensory Science was bought by Sonic Blue and in 2001, Sonic Blue closed them down.


Although California Audio Labs is now out of business, Approved Audio Service is providing service and repair on California Audio Labs products. They have many parts and service information in stock for the Delta, Icon, CL-5, CL-10, CL-15, Genesis, Tercet, & DX series of CD players and CD changers, CL-20, CL-25, CL-2500 DVD players, and the Alpha, Gamma, Sigma, Digital to Analog Converters. They are also servicing the California Audio Labs power amplifiers and processors.

For more information contact: www.approvedaudioservice.com.