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Cambridge Audio Azur 840W Amplifier Reviewed

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• The Cambridge amplifier is extremely transparent, allowing the listener to see deeply into the recording. If you are a detail junkie, this amp may be perfect for you.
• Build quality is excellent and true high-end features abound with this amp.

Low Points
• The Cambridge 840W generates loads of heat, so be prepared to adjust your air conditioning accordingly. Those perforations in the chassis aren't just for show.
• The 840W face is a little bland for my tastes, and isn't the type of component which can pass as audio jewelry if you are into that sort of thing.

Cambridge Audio has built one hell of an amplifier with the Azur 840W and it is an absolute bargain at the price they are asking for it. It sounded terrific with virtually every style of music I put through it, especially intimate acoustic performances. It has the grunt to drive any speaker you can imagine, but does so with delicacy and clarity. I would like to see a little more effort put into the front-end styling, but this is a minor quibble when you consider just how much performance the 840W delivers. I believe Cambridge Audio will keep its customers very happy as they climb their product ladder and arrive at what may be their final destination amplifier.

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