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Camelot Technology was founded in the 1980s and early 1990s by Mel Schilling (co-founder and CEO) and his son Howard Schilling (co-founder and President), originally of Music and Sound (mas).

At that time, digital technology ws just emerging from an analogue world, and Mel and Howard saw the opportunities digital technology presented. They quickly embraced this change and began developing products to meet the digital world. These products included the DCC-1 Digital Control Center, the 1st high end "Media Center" audio preamp.

Camelot Technology's state-of-the-art products have, over the years, included DVD Players, D/A Converters, Jitter Reduction Devices, Resolution Enhancement Components, AC Power Cords, Video Cables, Analog Interconnects and Speaker Cables, along with a variety of audio and video accessories. Camelot Technology has consistently received acclaim from consumers and critics for not only its products, but also its customer service, industry status and awareness, and overall attention to detail, all of which, true to its philosophy, the business represents as much as anything else.

Some highlights:

- In 1992, Camelot Technology designed and manufactured the industry's first Battery-Powered D/A Converter, the Arthur v1.0.
- In 1998, Camelot Technology designed and manufactured the industry's first high-end Progressive Scan DVD Player, The Round Table, which into 2003 continues to set the standard for products in its category.
- For the past several years, Camelot Technology's Sir Percival PM-500 and Sir Bors PM-600/650/750 A.C. Power Cords have dominated the competition in the ultra-competitive Japanese high-end consumer electronics market.


Camelot Technology

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