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Canare Cables


In 1970, Kimio Kawamoto founded Canare in Nagoya, Japan. He took the company name from the river nearby the office, named Kanare River. The company took a major growing-up with innovative microphone cable which is Hi-quality, low noise, variety of colors and smooth, in 1977.


Canare is known as one of the world's leading brands of professional audio and video cables and accessories, including 75 Ohm BNC, F and RCA Connectors, Patchbays, Cable Reels, Snake Systems, Assemblies, Crimp Tools and Cable Strippers. In 2004 they launched a full line of Optical products.

Today, CEDIA installers use Canare cables to custom fit and custom make cables for their one-off equipment racks. Canare is best known for their "Canare kit" which allows installers to make the exact cable needed for a project without extra length and or excess.


Canare Cables

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