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Canton's New Vento 810 and 880 Speakers

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Canton just announced the introduction of two new models in its acclaimed Vento loudspeaker series. The three-way floorstanding Vento 880 and the two-way Vento 810 compact bookshelf speaker are the first models in the line to incorporate the company's 6-inch aluminum cone woofer, giving them a front baffle that is a full inch narrower than other Vento models.

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Both the Vento 880 and Vento 810 include the company's acclaimed ADT-25 aluminum-manganese dome tweeter, with Canton's flared "transmission" style front plate and advanced suspension for outstanding off-axis linearity and high frequency dispersion. Each also features a newly refined 6-inch woofer that affords them a slimmer footprint while maintaining the highly musical deep bass response that the series is known for.

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