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Cary Audio Design was founded by Dennis Had and his wife, Donna, in 1989. Specializing in tube based amps and pre-amps, Cary has expanded into CD players, USB DACs, and desktop audio.

The Cary Classic Series consists of audiophile products such as Single Ended Triode amps (CAD 300 SEI ), tube power amps (CAD 120S MKII), and preamps (SLP 03).

The Cary Cinema Series are multi-channel offerings for home theater. These include preamp/processors (Cinema 11a and 11v) and power amps (SA-500.1, Model 7.250)

The Cary Concept Series are solid state designs, including an integrated amp (CAI 1) and CD player (CDP 1).

The Xciter Series is Cary's entry into the desktop audio market. It includes the Class-A, tube-based Integrated Amplifier, the USB DAC, and a music server (MS-1).


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