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California Audio Technology (CAT)


California Audio Technology (CAT) makes the most high end, expensive audiophile and home theater speakers on the market today. Their systems are often custom built, come with specific power amplifiers and are both treated acoustically as well as specifically tuned to the unique needs of the million dollar rooms in which they are installed.

CAT has received as much editorial coverage as any other high end speaker in the high end, lifestyle market. For the money, CAT provides not just heavy, complicated speakers but a total solution for the client who isn't as much of an enthusiast as much as someone who knows they want the best their room can offer.


California Audio Technology's website is located at www.calaudiotech.com.

California Audio Technology (CAT)

752 Northport Drive Suite A
West Sacramento, CA 95691

888-498-7228 / 888-HEAR-CAT - tel