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CEA Welcomes in Consumers

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According to TWICE.com, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) will invite individuals, that is to say, consumers, to become part of CEA. In order to celebrate this new membership, consumer members will be able to attend the last day of the 2011 International CES in January.

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  You can find the original TWICE.com article here.

This announcement was made during a keynote address by Gary Shapiro, president/CEO of CEA during the organization's Industry Forum, in which he discussed the industry, the economy, and politics.

The consumer members will be given the title of Consumer Technology Enthusiasts - CTEs.

CTEs will be allowed to participate in beta tests of new products, be part of an online community, and have insider access into the industry.

Jason Oxman, industry affairs senior VP with CEA, told TWICE the first 1000 CTEs will be allowed to officially visit International CES as attendees in a "one-time opportunity to celebrate membership" on the last day of the show, Sunday, January 9th, 2011.

CEA has opened its membership to consumers with the idea that it is in the best interest for the industry for consumers to be more involved in its CEA efforts and find out more about its public policies. Ideally, this will lead to better, more educated interactions with consumers.

The recruitment program began on November 9th.

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