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Founded in 1922, Celestion developed one of the earliest cone loudspeakers based on a radical new cone design patented soon after the BBC began broadcasting in 1922. Within three years, we launched the world's first large diaphragm speaker; by the end of the decade, Celestion was already established as the high-end loudspeaker brand.

Celestion helped to pioneer cone loudspeaker development and was at the pinnacle of audiophile speaker design in the late 1980's into the early 1990's. Their SL-600 speakers are of note.

In 1992, Celestion was sold, as a separate entity from the clothing division, to Kinergetics Holdings (UK) Ltd., a holding company whose majority shareholder is Gold Peak of Hong Kong. The group acquired KEF of Maidstone, another top British loudspeaker company, at the same time. Gold Peak began in 1964 as a producer of batteries and has grown to become a multinational force in electronics and technology.

Celestion speaker drivers are most popular today in musical instrument (MI) applications such as drivers for many Marshall guitar amps.


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Celestion's website can be found here: www.celestion.com.


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