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Chang Lightspeed


Chang Lightspeed is the brainchild of Michael Chang, who wanted to design the best powerline filters on the market. Chang Lightspeed claims their filters eliminate AC contamination without the use lag or noise inducing transformers or coils. Located in Sylvania, Ohio, Chang Lightspeed has been manufacturing powerline filters since the summer of 1991. Each filter is hand assembled and fully tested before it gets shipped out.


Notable Chang Lightspeed products include:

Chang Lightspeed CLS series
Chang Lightspeed Hyperdrive
Chang Lightspeed Reference Line

Compare Chang Lightspeed to American Power Conversion, Panamax, and Furman.

Email: info@changlightspeed.com

Chang Lightspeed

5151 Monroe Street, Suite E112
Toledo, OH 43623

(419) 885-1485 - tel