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Chesky Records


Chesky Records is a record label for audiophiles, specializing in well recorded jazz, classical, and adult contemporary music. Founded by composer David Chesky and his brother Norman, Chesky Records may not have the most recognizable names, they do produce some of the finest recorded music available.

Chesky Records produces CDs, DVD, and SACDs, along with lossless digital downloads.


Chesky Records's SACD releases include:

Monty Alexander - "Calypso Blues: Monty Alexander Plays Nat King Cole"
Jimmy Cobb - "Jazz in the Key of Blue"
Louise Rogers - "Black Coffee"

Steve Guttenberg's blog, The Audiophiliac, has a good article describing Chesky Records.

A similar company to Chesky Records that specializes in high-end audiophile recordings is AIX Records.

Email: info@chesky.com

800-331-1437 - tel